How one reacts to medicines and remedies varies from person to person. Potential side effects and the tolerability of nootropics are based on the individual physical constitution, diet, general lifestyle, diet and, of course, possible previous illnesses and other medications.

The dietary supplement Uridine offers many advantages and benefits and is generally considered to be very well tolerated. However side effects can occur under certain circumstances. These are rare, but not impossible.


Possible reasons for side effects of Uridine include:

- General side effects when taking

- Overdose side effects

- Allergies and intolerance to ingredients

- Interactions with other drugs

In the next section, you will find out exactly which ones can occur, how they express themselves and how to behave correctly.


What are Uridine's side effects?

According to medical studies and manufacturer information, the following general side effects can occur when taking Uridine. They particularly affect the gastrointestinal area:


Rare Uridine side effects (in 1 - 10% of users):

> Nausea

> Diarrhea


Common Uridine side effects (in 10% of users):

> Vomiting


Side effects can also occur with certain pre-existing conditions or the wrong dosage. Some examples:

  1. Uridines in depression

According to a 2011 study by Kondo et al published in the Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology, teens receiving psychological treatment for depression when taking Uridine experienced the following side effects: stomach cramps, vivid dreams, nausea, digestive problems, and diarrhea.

  1. Allergy to uridines

If allergies and intolerances are known, Uridine may only be taken after consultation and under the supervision of medical staff since allergic reactions to the drug are possible.

It is especially true when taking Uridine+Citidine, which requires a prescription. Typical signs of an allergic reaction are:

itchy skin, rash or swelling (especially of the face and neck). In these cases, consult with a professional immediately.



  1. Overdose of Uridine

Uridine is commonly used as a pain reliever, but taking prescription pain medication at the same time can lead to an overdose and increase the risk of Uridine side effects.

Therefore, discuss the intake with your doctor in advance. In addition, it is important to always adhere to the correct dosage. The onset of action may take a few days as the body needs to adjust to nootropics. For this reason, the dosage should not be increased too early, and the maximum dose should not be exceeded. Further information on the subject can also be found in our blog: Uridine dosage.

  1. Interactions

When taking prescription medication, the additional intake of Uridine must be medically clarified beforehand. It applies in particular to cancer and HIV medication. With certain preparations, interactions can occur that impair or change the effectiveness of the medication.

Well-known drugs include cytarabine, zalcitabine and zidovudine. People with previous illnesses should therefore always discuss taking other medications, including nootropics or vitamin supplements, with their treating physicians.


How to Avoid Uridine Side Effects?

Slight side effects (except allergic reactions) at the beginning of therapy are normal, but they should go away after a few days and not cause too much discomfort. It should also be clear: the higher the Uridine dosage, the more likely side effects can occur.

How well one tolerates drugs and remedies or not varies from person to person. The same applies to the intake of dietary supplements, vitamin preparations and herbal remedies. Prescription or not, not everyone reacts the same way.

But there are some simple steps one can take to reduce the risk, severity, and duration of side effects—this applies to all medications and remedies. Here are some tips:

> Always read the leaflet and follow the instructions.

> Adhere to recommended guidelines for dosing Uridine.

> Start with small doses at the beginning and wait for the body reaction. At Raw Powers, you can buy Uridine online. Uridine can buy as 250mg capsules, or Uridine powder would be recommended.

> Under no circumstances immediately top-up or overdose.

> If you have allergies, previous illnesses or are taking other medications, consult the attending medical staff before taking Uridine.

> In the case of pregnancy and children taking Uridine, please consult the attending physicians in advance, as lower dosages may be indicated here.

> If you are unsure about how to take it: consult a pharmacist or supplier of Uridine.

> Take the nootropics regularly, at the same time of the day.

> If possible, with a meal and plenty of fluids.


How do I deal with Uridine Side Effects

In the case of mild but persistent side effects, it would be advisable to reduce the dosage of Uridine first. If unpleasant side effects persist over a longer period, please stop taking the product and inform the manufacturer or pharmacies.

Avoid interactions – e.g. with medication or alcohol.

If, despite all caution, the side effects mentioned above occur when taking Uridine and do not subside within a few days, or if symptoms other than nausea, vomiting and diarrhea occur, we recommend stopping the intake and consulting a doctor.

If you have an allergic reaction, please discontinue use and seek medical help immediately.


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Text author:

Kay Svegler

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Journalist and freelance writer (e.g. Süddeutsche Zeitung, BILD, MDR etc.)
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