Uridine is a nucleoside (an organic molecule) and occurs naturally in the human body. It is part of our RNA and forms a base pair with adenosine.

Small amounts of Uridine are also produced in the liver and can also be partially absorbed by certain foods, e.g. broccoli, tomatoes and brewer's yeast. In addition, we already absorb Uridine through breast milk. It is essential for important bodily functions and for keeping cells healthy - it supports the body's natural healing powers. In addition to the natural Uridine content in the body, it is available as a synthetic drug and nootropics to make greater use of its positive effects.


The most important areas of application of Uridine are:

> Uridines to treat muscle pain and disorders (often with pain radiating to the arms and legs).

> Uridines for the treatment of nerve pain and nerve damage (e.g. for wound healing in the case of shingles or pain in the intercostal nerves, with tingling or paralysis of the extremities).

> Uridines for the treatment of all types of inflammation, especially inflammation of the spine and spinal cord nerves (e.g. sciatica, “lumbago”, shoulder-arm syndrome, cervical vertebrae syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, polyneuropathies, signs of wear and tear on the spine).

> Uridine for therapy after disc surgery.

> Uridines for the treatment of diseases caused by diabetes, Lyme disease, metabolic disorders, alcoholism.

Uridine as a drug is either taken orally or given as an injection. A syringe with the active ingredient is injected directly into the affected area (e.g. muscle) to relieve pain and inflammation. Uridine capsules or Uridine powder are available as dietary supplements. Uridine is mainly used as a supportive treatment or a preventive therapy. As with any preparation, the dosage is an essential part. All information about the Uridine dosage can be found in the previous article.


Effect of Uridine

The main task of Uridine is cell generation, which is why the active ingredient partakes in neurological diseases and muscle diseases.

The positive effect of Uridine is primarily to fight nerve damage and inflammation, to put it simply, to repair cell damage.

To support this process, it is used both as a dietary supplement (to support the natural healing process) and as a drug in human medicine. In the latter case, Uridine is often combined with Cytidine to reduce inflammation and pain, regenerate tissue and nerve fibers, and heal neuritis. It helps the genetic material, so to speak, to renew itself after damage. Medications made from Cytidine and Uridine usually require a prescription.

Uridine is also known as a vitamin for the nerves, as it supports the body's repair mechanisms and regeneration of damaged nerve structures. As a dietary supplement, it supports the body's healing powers and is therefore often used together with vitamin B12 and folic acid - the association of alternative practitioners also recommends this combination of active ingredients to give the body the best possible support in healing damaged tissue and nerve cells. Uridine thus supports the body's self-healing powers and is usually used in addition to other therapies:


  1. Uridines for inflammation and pain

The remedy can relieve nerve and muscle pain, and it is also used to treat inflammation (often in combination with Cytidine). The extent to which Uridine can also be used for arthritis and rheumatism as well as better bone density is still being researched.


  1. Improvement in cognitive functions

According to some studies, Uridine should also have positive effects on brain functions, including better memory and an improvement in sleep quality. However, the results have not yet been sufficiently clinically tested.


  1. Depression and Bipolar Disorder Support

Studies are ongoing in the US on the use of Uridine to treat bipolar disorder and depression. However, the sample size is still too small to make reliable statements.


Experiences with Uridine

Uridine is one of Raw Powders most popular nootropics. It is mainly used for pain and tension in the back and neck area.

The feedback from our customers regarding Uridine usage is consistently positive: for example, years of pain in the neck area, which also led to severe headaches, have been alleviated. Many users also report a significant improvement of pain in the lumbar spine area.

What is important is the experience of taking Uridine as a nootropic, that it can take up to 2 weeks for the effect of Uridine to become noticeable. After all, it is a dietary supplement, not a medical painkiller. On the other hand, the pain relief remains noticeable and persistent with regular use.

Uridine users also report a noticeable improvement in their symptoms in the case of polineuropathy, signs of wear and tear and herniated discs.

Of course, it is important to follow the recommended Uridine dosage, because possible side effects often occur with incorrect intake or overdose. More on this (also on interactions and allergies) in our blog on the main topics: Dosage of Uridine and side effects of Uridine.


Where can you buy Uridine?

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