Uridine is mainly used to cope with various muscle ailments, inflammation and to support wound healing. It helps with nerve pain and inflammation of the spine, the so-called "lumbago", tension in the neck area and nerve pain, e.g. caused by shingles (herpes zoster). In medicine, Uridine is usually used together with a second active ingredient, often cytidine, and is administered orally or intravenously.

We have summarized all areas of application, also the advantages and benefits of Uridine as a nootropic for you in the next blog post.


What is the recommended Uridine dosage?

The correct Uridine dosage depends on the condition you want to cope with, and the individual.

We have compiled the commonly recommended dosages for uridines as nootropics. It is important to note that for people with previous illnesses or allergies, pregnant women should consult their doctors in advance to clarify the necessary uridine dosage.


The following Uridine dosages are recommended depending on the symptoms:

> Support for general well-being: 250 mg once a day

> For back / nerve pain and inflammation: 1 - 2x daily 150-250mg

> Maintenance of cognitive performance: 1x daily 250mg

> As an antidepressant / mood enhancer: 1 - 3x daily 250mg

> Reduction of anxiety and stress: 1 - 2x daily 250mg

According to reports, the maximum dose of Uridine (only on doctor's orders) is up to 1000mg per day.


What do you have to consider when taking Uridine?

Before taking Uridine supplement, we recommend you consult your family doctor, especially if you are pregnant, have previous illnesses or take prescription medication. Allergy sufferers should also clarify the intake of Uridine nootropic medically in advance in order to rule out possible intolerances.

As a dietary supplement, you can buy Uridine as capsules or powder. The advantage of Uridine in capsule form is the consistent dosage, the particularly simple use. Uridine powder, on the other hand, can be dosed more precisely and individually. If you have problems with tablets or capsules, you can also dissolve the powder in liquid and drink it. At Raw Powers, Uridine powder and  Uridine capsules are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Always start with the lowest possible dose of Uridine. In the case of muscle pain, in particular, it can take one to two weeks before the onset of action becomes noticeable. Therefore, one should wait for the body's reactions at the beginning of the intake and not immediately increase the dosage, otherwise side effects can occur.

As with almost all medications and nootropics, side effects are possible, especially in the case of improper dosage or an overdose of Uridine. You can find more about this in the next blog post on the topic of the Uridine side effects.


Can I combine Uridine with other supplements?

Uridine is well tolerated when taken correctly. So far, we are not aware of any contraindication when combining Uridine with other Raw Powders dietary supplements. Benefits have even been reported when taken at the same time as choline-rich nutrients or choline supplements, as well as vitamin B12. A healthy diet rich in vitamins is important to increase your well-being.

In addition, you can buy many other nootropics at RawPowders: e.g. for better memory performance, better concentration, building muscle, sleep better or to relax and much more.


The current Raw Powders Nootropics range includes: Choline, Melatonin, Uridine, Gaba, Kratom, Bacopa - Brahmi, L-theanine, Ashwagandha.








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