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Raw Powders™ offers pure Ashwagandha vegetarian capsules 500mg per capsules! What is Ashwagandha? Ashwagandha herb dates back to ancient times, in Ayurvedic medicine. In preparing the Ashwagandha drink, the ancient eastern inhabitants used the roots of this plant, which accumulate the most valua..
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Raw Powders™ offers Maca Root Extract Capsules! What is Maca Root Extract? Maca root, sometimes called Peruvian ginseng, is most commonly found in the Andes. Maca root contains a number of useful compounds - some B vitamins, vitamin E and vitamin C, calcium, zinc, iron and other minerals. Why Maca..
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Raw Powders™ offers Sea Moss & Bladderwrack vegetarian capsules! What is Sea Moss and Bladderwrack? Both ingredients are algae found on the rocky shores of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and other surrounding waters. Sea Moss is a red algae found mainly in Ireland and the Caribbean, whe..
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Raw Powders™ offers Lion's Mane 5:1 Extract Capsules! What is Lion's Mane Extract? Lion's Mane or Hericium Erinaceus grows on hardwoods, to be more specific, on American beech that is native to North America but can also be found in Europe or Asia. The appearance of this mushroom seems unusual - L..
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RAW POWDERS™ FENUGREEK HERBAL FENUGREEK EXTRACT 20:1 Dietary Supplement 90 capsulesNet Weight: 51 g (explanation: 90 capsules of 566.67 mg each). WHAT IS FENUGREEK? Fenugreek is a perennial plant of the pea family, also known as Greek hay or Greek clover. Fenugreek can be used for food, spices, ..
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Raw Powders™ offers pure Ashwagandha Powder What is Ashwagandha? The Ashwagandha herb dates back to ancient times, in Ayurvedic medicine. In preparing the Ashwagandha drink, the ancient eastern inhabitants used the roots of this plant, which accumulate the most valuable nutrients. The name Ashwag..
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Raw Powders™ offers Reishi vegetarian capsules! What is Reishi? Reishi or Ling Zhi (Chinese) is a mushroom that grows in hot places in Asia. The ancient Eastern people already knew about its benefits to the mind and body, used Reishi in ancient medicine. Although the whole plant can be used, ..
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Raw Powders™ offers Lion's Mane Powder! What is Lion's Mane? Lion's Mane or Hericium Erinaceus grows on hardwoods, to be more specific, on American beech that is native to North America, but can also be found in Europe or Asia. The appearance of this mushroom seems unusual - Lion's Mane can be des..
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Raw Powders™ offers Chlorella supplements: Chlorella capsules and Chlorella powder! What is Chlorella? Chlorella (Chlorella Vulgaris) is a free-floating unicellular green microalgae (phytoplankton) that grows in fresh water and is extremely rich in chlorophyll. Read more about what Chlorella ..
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Raw Powders™ offers Bacopa Monnieri Powder! What is Bacopa Monnieri? Bacopa Monnieri plant is used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Bacopa Monnieri can thrive underwater, so you can also notice Bacopa's white flowers in aquariums. Scientific research has proven Brahmi's positive effect on huma..
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Raw Powders™ offers Cordyceps Sinensis Powder! What is Cordyceps? Cordyceps is a fungus that grows on certain caterpillars, which is found in the China mountain regions. Cordyceps has a lot of bioactive compounds, including polysaccharides and nucleosides, which have been studied for a long time. ..
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Raw Powders™ offers pure Acai Powder! What is Acai? Acai is a palm tree widespread in South American Brazilian forests, where natives have discovered the benefits of palm berries. Some health specialists call this black-purple berry a Superfood for humans because of its beneficial effect on heal..
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Nature's best for a healthy diet: Superfoods

Herbs, fruits, berries, mushrooms, and vegetables - every generation and culture recognizes and employs certain nutritious and particularly healthy foods provided by nature.

What our grandparents thought were "simple" foods like apples, broccoli, and currants are now known as superfoods like goji berries, chia seeds, cordyceps, and others. Globalization has made these particularly healthy and nutritious foods from various cultures all over the world available to everyone.

It includes medicinal herbs, organic raw foods (i.e. unprocessed, ecologically grown foods), and, most importantly, fruits, mushrooms, and vegetables high in healthy ingredients. They are beneficial to our health, promote our well-being, and are sometimes completely natural cures for diseases.

A reassessment has been going on for a while, especially after a few decades during which fast food, prepared meals, and inexpensive, swiftly processed foods started to take over the world. Because many vital components are frequently lost in the conventional food sector, chemical residues or lengthy transport routes also have an impact on quality.

As a result, a lot of people are considering slow food once more and paying attention to organic foods and decent, health-conscious eating. Superfoods encourage this pattern.

Here are some insider hints as well as the top superfoods in the globe today.

Superfoods: What are they?

All foods that contain an extraordinarily high proportion of particularly healthful, well-tolerated, or valuable nutrients are typically considered to be superfoods. These include exceptionally healthy foods like berries, fruits, and vegetables with high vitamin content or lots of antioxidants, minerals, trace elements, or omega-3 fatty acids, such as maca, sea moss, blueberries, or acai (e.g. in chia -seeds, salmon). They are referred to as superfoods because of their make-up and nutritious elements.

There are a variety of uses that are feasible, such as adding it to meals raw as a fresh ingredient, topping salads with seeds or powder, blending it into a smoothie, making a tea (like chlorella or spirulina), or taking it regularly as a superfood nutritional supplement in capsule form.

Superfoods are particularly well-liked as dietary supplements when they are consumed in powder form because it is simple and convenient to do so.

The top superfoods and their applications

Superfoods, whether they are domestic or foreign, add diversity to our diets and provide a wealth of beneficial nutrients. They promote general health, healthy digestion, and the immune system. Simply said, superfoods are healthy for us.

There are of course also exotic foods with healing properties, which are frequently found in other places - apple, nettle, flaxseed, dandelion, millet, or berries.

The six most well-known superfoods and their advantages are briefly described below if you want to acquire them online:

1. Cordyceps, a superfood

> The medicinal mushroom contains antioxidant properties that help it fight free radicals and enhance the immune system and defences.

> Buy capsules of Cordyceps

> Buy Cordyceps powder

2. Chaga, a superfood

> A mushroom high in vitamins and nutrients used in Eastern medicine to enhance cardiovascular health, protect cells from inflammation, and much more.

> Contains, among other things, manganese, amino acids, potassium, calcium, copper, selenium, zinc, iron, magnesium, and vitamin D.

> Buy Chaga powder

3. Goji berries, a superfruit

> Red berries from Asia have a long history of being used to boost the immune system.

> Rich in vitamins, iron, amino acids, and antioxidants

> Buy Goji berries

4. Superfood Bladderwrack & Sea Moss

> Kelp, a type of edible seaweed, is rich in minerals, fibre, and vitamins.

> Have antiviral, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and other disorders, and support a strong immune system. Learn more about the benefits of Sea moss.

> Buy Sea moss

5. Spirulina, a superfood

> Cyanobacteria or microalgae with high levels of iron, magnesium, calcium, vital amino acids, protein, and vitamins

> Encourages cleansing, detoxification, and weight reduction

> Buy Spirulina capsules

> Buy Spirulina powders

6. Chlorella, a superfood

> Mineral-, vitamin-, and antioxidant-rich green microalgae

> Lowers cholesterol, supports the immune system, detoxifies and cleans the body.

> Buy Chlorella

Where are superfoods sold?

The food that is healthy for our body and, last but not least, our soul is made from natural healing qualities and nutrients from fruits, seeds, mushrooms, algae, and herbs that have been tried and tested for generations. Many exotic superfoods, which have long been popular in their native countries, may now also be ordered and consumed in Europe.

Our local fruit and vegetable types should, of course, make up a significant portion of our diet whenever possible. Superfoods from different nations and cultures can, however, complement it. Superfoods can be purchased online quite conveniently, and are available as capsules or powders for Goji Berry, Cordyceps, Sea Moss & Bladderwrack, Chaga, Spirulina, or Chlorella. Some, like goji berry powder or acai powder, can also be purchased as superfoods in stocked natural and health food stores. However, the choices are frequently quite little.

A superfoods online store called RawPowders offers a wide variety of dietary supplements as well as several superfood kinds and variants, such as the following:

Acai Powder, Maca Capsules, Maca Powder, Reishi Powder, Reishi Capsules, Lion's Mane Capsules, and Lion's Mane Powder.

You can also buy nootropics.


Text author:

Kay Svegler

Communications, PR, American Studies, University of Leipzig

Journalist and freelance writer (e.g. Süddeutsche Zeitung, BILD, MDR etc.)

Former Senior PR Manager for Fischer Appelt, Sustainability and Diversity Manager for DKB

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