About Us


RAW POWDERS™ LIMITED is a team of Sports Science and Fitness experts living with one main goal: “Highest quality for the best results”. As the name itself of our production suggests that the purity is one of the most important aspects we follow. Our specialists carefully select scientifically proved ingredients making none but beneficial impacts on the human’s body.

For our customers we offer various types of products, helping to boost their both physical and mental health condition and as a result afterwards – to improve their general quality of life. Everything starts with the healthy body what often may wrongly seem as a distant aspiration. However, reality shows different: a choice of the right solution can easily bring towards the desired result. The implementation of RAW POWDERS™ LIMITED is able to ameliorate human’s body condition in a guaranteed way. Exactly such solution we are proffering for our health–minded and sports–oriented clients.


Whole easily consumable RAW Powders™ production is being divided into three major groups, created for reaching different improvement of our physical and mental condition – RAW HEALTH™, RAW Sports™ and RAW Strength™. RAW HEALTH™ range is adapted for everyone seeking betterment in overall health and recovery after either strenuous physical activities, either daily stress. Fatty acids, Phenibut, 5-HTP, Olive Leaf extract and many other great products are in. RAW SPORTS™ range consists of pure, high quality, laboratory tested products balanced to increase athletic performance and fitness. This range encompasses various Creatine, Amino Acids and many other products in powders, capsules, and tablets. RAW STRENGTH™ range designed for professional athletes involved in strenuous physical activities. It’s all about dramatically increased performance and enhanced recovery.


RAW POWDERS™ production is fully adapted both for health-minded and sports-oriented customers. Selection of our products is wide so it can be precisely adjusted to any specific need of a client.


RAW POWDERS™ are more than just the regular supplements. We see our production as a philosophy involving scientific research data analysis, profound experience in sports and health-oriented values as well as social responsibility. We manufacture and sell only what we trust in: no mysterious and hidden formulas, no cheap and worthless ingredients. Due to our pure and clear practice, we are courageous to encounter our customers before, during and after their consumption of RAW POWDERS™. Physically as well as mentally stronger, healthier and satisfied individual is our main goal.