The active ingredient of Huperzine A has been extracted from plants: predominantly the Huperzia Serrata and the fir lycopodium, which are mainly native to the Asian region. Their healing powers have been known for centuries in Chinese naturopathy and are mainly used to heal muscle strains, inflammations and even fever.

The fact that the plant also has positive cognitive effects was only discovered a few decades ago and has since been researched worldwide. It is assumed that huperzine A maintains the acetylcholine level in the CNS, which slows down the degeneration process of nerve cells. It also acts as a cholinesterase inhibitor and prevents the breakdown of acetylcholine. It also promotes neural plasticity and is thought to support the protection and formation of neurons - the neural pathways in the brain.

Various studies look at the Huperzine A effect for:

- a better memory,

- improved learning ability,

- increased concentration,

- increased alertness and energy,

- as an antioxidant and protector against toxins,

- the treatment of Alzheimer's disease or dementia.

For the latter, age-related cognitive diseases of the brain, the use of Huperzine A is even approved in some countries. In Europe, however, not yet, studies on the benefit of Huperzine A in dementia are ongoing.

Huperzine A is a very potent nootropic. In other words, it works very quickly and effectively, even in the smallest amounts. The dosage recommendations are in the microgram range, which is rather difficult for lay people to measure. At Raw Powders you can buy Huperzine A as capsules. The dose here is always a constant 225 µg and, therefore, easy to use. Users should always follow the dosage recommendations, as the active ingredient can have a toxic effect in excessive amounts, and undesirable side effects can occur. You can read more about this in our blog articles: Dosage of Huperzine A and Side effects of Huperzine A.


What are the benefits and advantages of Huperzine A?

Although still in the research stage, the benefits of Huperzine A seem very promising, especially as a protection against degeneration of brain function and as an antioxidant. It is thought that the active ingredient functions as a kind of cell protection and can slow down the ageing process of brain cells. That would be a revolution, of course. In experimental therapies, Huperzine A is being used in Alzheimer's and dementia treatment.

As a nootropic, it is especially popular with students and trainees to increase memory for learning and general concentration. Many users choose Huperzine A to make the learning process more effective - to absorb and retain content more quickly and sustainably.

A particularly big advantage of Huperzine A is that it works very quickly. This is confirmed by users. While other nootropics have to be taken for a few days, one capsule of Huperzine A brings effect. It is absorbed very quickly and well by the body, even in small doses. In addition, the effect of Huperzine A lasts for quite a long time, about 24 hours.

Of course, it is important to take it correctly - see our blog on Huperzine dosage for tips.


Experiences with Huperzine A - correct intake is important!

The Huperzine A experiences of users are predominantly positive.

Many take it for a short time to improve their cognitive performance, e.g. when studying for tests, in their studies or during strenuous projects at work.

After only a short time, the active ingredient is said to improve memory and increase concentration when learning. The effect of Huperzine A is often described as "wake-up", a kind of energy booster for the brain.

People who have problems with forgetfulness due to their age report positive experiences with Huperzine A. In particular, it improves short-term memory and memory retention. Especially the short-term memory and the recollection of terms and appointments seem to improve.

Users find it particularly practical to take Huperzine A in capsule form. On the one hand, you don't have to weigh the dose. On the other hand, you can take it on an empty stomach - anywhere and at any time. The effect sets in quickly. Some users report that it takes only 30 minutes for Huperzine A capsules to have a noticeable effect.

But, much does not help much! It is especially the case with this nootropic. Too high a dose can lead to side effects but also to a build-up of tolerance in the body. Experiences with Huperzine A at too high a dosage range from headaches to diarrhoea, so it is always important to follow the dosage instructions of Huperzine! Various studies and user experiences also show that the food supplement should be taken in cycles, and breaks should be taken as well. So if you want to buy Huperzine A, you should always follow the instructions and package leaflets to avoid side effects.  


Where can I order nootropics like Huperzine A?

The easiest and most convenient way to buy Huperzine A would be to order it on the internet. is a popular supplier and delivers many nootropics directly to your home, without prescription and in the best quality.

Besides Huperzine A, you can buy nootropics there, such as: Melatonin; Uridine; Gaba; Bacopa - Brahmi; Ashwagandha  

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