What does 5-HTP do for your body?

What does 5-HTP do for your body?

5-Hydroxytryptophan or in short 5-HTP supplement is a naturally occurring amino acid that contributes to chemical processes that take place inside us. Amino acids are used in the human body for protein synthesis and energy supply. 5-HTP is also an essential nutrient that participates in enhancing the production of serotonin.

A low serotonin level often is considered as the reason for various mental malaise such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, also some physical issues such as weight gain and other serious diseases. Therefore, by stimulating the production of serotonin all those irritable troubles might be diminished. Unfortunately, there are no sources of food hiding 5-HTP inside. However, our body uses another nutrient - tryptophan - for 5-HTP manufacturing and otherwise than the manufactured product, tryptophan occurs in some types of meat, milk and other foods.

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Benefits of 5-HTP

The main reason why 5-HTP is put on the market today is its feature to help to get rid of unwanted kilograms. By using 5-HTP your stomach will receive a fake message of fullness that suppresses appetite. Adding 5-HTP to your daily diet might cause less eating and desired results achievement. Going forward to more serious issues, this supplement might help you to cope with certain diseases provoked by being overweight.

At the beginning, you have already got to know 5-HTP as a serotonin promoter. So taking 5-HTP might be beneficial to your mental disorder treatment as anxiety or depression. Same goes with not so serious issues such as stress coping. However, we have to emphasize the need to discuss with a professional about 5-HTP adding to your treatment, some combinations with other drugs can be riskier than you think.

5-HTP supplement might be advantageous for the people who have to deal with musculoskeletal pain disease Fibromyalgia. Such findings were made with reference to 5-HTP property boosting serotonin. The improved mood appears to have an impact on pain reduction.

In the case of insomnia or sleeping malaise, 5-HTP might serve as well. Sleepy mode arrives from released hormone melatonin that has connection with already mentioned serotonin. In fact, melatonin is produced of serotonin molecules and after some converting process in the brain, we have those essential melatonin levels that regulate our sleep.

A lot of people are forced to cope with sleeping problems because of various wrong lifestyle conditions. You may read more about melatonin and sleeping issues here: WHAT IS MELATONIN? ALL SECRETS REVEALED. According to some research, 5-HTP can be combined with another nootropic for better effect. Some examinations were made with GABA that resulted in a better sleeping quality and calmness.

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Another benefit unfolds in case of headache or migraine as 5-HTP tends to reduce such pain too. Even serious conditions might be fought with using 5-HTP supplements consistently. There are some examples when 5-HTP assists children with down syndrome. Using it might boost muscle growth and contribute to a more active lifestyle.

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Side Effects of 5-HTP

If you are planning to add 5-HTP supplement to your daily diet, be aware of possible side effects. Even it’s a rare case of them appearing, be prepared to recognize if it happens. Among those side effects of 5-HTP were recorded nausea, diarrhea, also muscle or stomach pain. There is also a risk to experience reverse effects of supplement usage as those issues might be worsened. However, mostly those side effects strike because of overdose or prolonged usage, so supervise yourself carefully and always follow the label.

We hope that we have answered most of the questions that popped in your head, if not - feel free to ask us. Purchase certificated and pure quality 5-Hydroxytryptophan here.

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