The medicinal plant Bacopa Monnieri (Indian name Brahmi) is a popular dietary supplement that is said to improve not only general well-being, but above all cognitive functions. Concentration, better performance, energy enhancement and much more come from Bacopa Monnieri superfood.

But what do you have to consider about Bacopa Monnieri dosage? How long to take it, and what is the recommended daily dose of Bacopa Monnieri? We answer these questions in this blog.

What is the correct Bacopa Monnieri dosage?

The easiest way is the correct dosage when taking Bacopa Monnieri tablets or capsules. Most of these contain 500mg. The standard dose of Bacopa for healthy adults is 250mg to 500mg taken once or twice a day.

The dosage depends, among other things, on the purpose and the bacoside content in the supplement. This level of active ingredient in Bacopa Monnieri supplements determines how potent the nootropic is. In capsules, bacoside content is usually between 20% and 50%, while taking Bacopa powder or dried leaves usually below 20%. A standard dose of Brahmi powder for healthy adults is therefore higher, around 500mg - 1000mg per day.

As with all preparations, people with previous illnesses, pregnant women and children should always consult their doctor before taking such supplements.

Recommended Bacopa Monnieri dosage according to purpose (general guideline values)

Bacopa dosage for better mood and well-being:

1-2x daily 1 capsule of 500 mg
1-2x daily as a powder of 1000mg

Bacopa dosage for better memory and concentration:

at least 1x daily 500mg/day for 12 weeks

Bacopa dosage for calming mental stress and stress:

1x daily 1 capsule of 500mg

Bacopa dosage for pain and inflammation

1 capsule of 500 mg twice a day

2x daily as a powder of 1000 - 1500 mg

Bacopa dosage to prevent heart disease

1 x daily 1 capsule of 300 - 500 mg

2x daily as a powder up to 1000mg

Bacopa dosage in ADHD

2x daily as a powder of 2000 - 2500mg each (after medical consultation)


Tips for taking Bacopa Monnieri

We receive many questions about when and how exactly you should take the dietary supplement. In the morning, right after getting up? After the meal? Before bedtime? We have therefore compiled the most important answers about taking Brahmi:

1. How to take Bacopa Monnieri?

The active ingredient of the medicinal plant is fat-soluble. Because of this, Bacopa Monnieri needs a fat compound to be well absorbed by the body. According to Indian tradition, it is eaten together with lard and butter, which might take some getting used to for Western palates.

In addition, the active ingredient is quite bitter. For this reason, taking Bacopa Monnieri as capsules or tablets is more convenient for most users. The benefit of bacopa powder is that you could also mix it into drinks or smoothies, which can sweeten the taste.

2. When to take Bacopa?

It is recommended to take a dose of Bacopa after a meal, either at breakfast or, in the case of a double dose, after dinner (depending on the treatment goal). When taking in the evening, also note the following point. It is important to always drink plenty of fluids, because it is best to take Bacopa with one or two glasses of water.

3. How much Bacopa Monnieri to take?

Regardless of the recommended daily Bacopa exctract dosage, when taking nootropics, you should always start with a low dose, wait for the body's reaction and then, if necessary, increase the amount of the dietary supplement up to the recommended daily dose. Everyone reacts differently to nootropics (and medications in general) so the first thing to do is observe the effects. In the case of Brahmi, this is particularly relevant when taken in the evening. While the majority report that a Bacopa extract dosage helps them fall asleep, it can also be a stimulant for some people. Our tip: take Bacopa in the morning first to assess the individual effect and, if necessary, reduce the dose in the evening.

4. How long should one take Bacopa?

One should know that taking Bacopa Monnieri as a dietary supplement must be done over a period of time in order to achieve the desired effects. On average, a Bacopa Monnieri cycle lasts 8-12 weeks, when significantly improves cognitive abilities, especially memory.

Very quickly, however, usually after just a few days, Brahmi unfolds its anxiolytic effects and is very calming in the event of stress and restlessness. The basic period of taking brahmi is 8 weeks, after which a break should be taken. After 12 weeks at the latest, users report that their condition has noticeably improved.

5. What else do you need to know about Bacopa Monnieri dosage?

Bacopa Monnieri is generally well tolerated. We will describe possible Bacopa side effects, how to behave properly in the event of an overdose, all areas of application and benefits of Bacopa Monnieri in our next blog posts.

6. Where can you order Bacopa Monnieri?

Do you want to buy Bacopa Monnieri? The miracle cure of Ayurveda is also enjoying increasing popularity in Europe. Sometimes, but still rarely, you can find it in pharmacies. It's quicker and easier to order Bacopa Monnieri online. Raw Powders delivers Brahmi supplement directly to your home.

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