Ashwagandha benefits range from alleviating depression and stress to supporting systemic diseases (high blood pressure, thyroid diseases or kidney problems). But does the root have healing powers? We have compiled the benefits of Ashwagandha and the experiences of users here in this blog article.

Ashwagandha for depression and stress cases: experiences and effects

Mainly, Ashwagandha is well known for its healing effects on stress, burnout and depression. In addition, the nootropic is rather well-tolerated. Users rarely report side effects with the correct Ashwagandha dosage. Read more about Ashwagandha's side effects here.

According to a 2016 study (Statista), 38% of Germans feel stressed sometimes and even 23% often. The primary triggers are the work environment and excessive expectations raised for yourself. However, it is crucial nowadays to pay attention to symptoms of stress because diseases of the psyche are becoming more and more widespread.

The constant availability, whether at work or in private life, and the faster, modern life mean that many people can hardly relax or switch off. Inner restlessness, imbalance, sleep problems, also fears and physical problems or loss of appetite are often the consequences.

To find peace and relaxation again, Ashwagandha supplements are considered by many users to be the absolute miracle cure for stress. Ashwagandha makes it easier for them to switch off and, above all, many use Ashwagandha for sleep as it improves the quality of your rest. Instead of brooding over the day for hours, Ashwagandha users find peace more quickly and can sleep through the night. In addition, Ashwagandha supplement aids in insomnia cases.

Even taking small doses regularly in the morning has a relaxing effect on most of them and ensures more balance. If you don't like capsules that much, you can add some Ashwagandha powder to your breakfast cereal right in the morning.

In addition to the Ayurvedic medicinal plant, other natural medicinal herbs such as lavender, valerian or teas (e.g. fennel) can have a calming effect. And even small changes in behaviour, such as short breaks for meditation or walks, help with stress and depressive moods.

Experiences with Ashwagandha in elderlies

In Chinese medicine, the Ashwagandha healing properties have been valued for thousands of years. Due to its diverse areas of application, the root is considered an elixir for eternal youth, which is supposed to support vitality and performance in elderlies.

In Europe, more and more people are turning to Ashwagandha to treat old age ailments or prevent the ageing process. Among other things, people are using Ashwagandha for hair loss, inflammation and pain. Male users report an increased libido by taking Ashwagandha - but there is no scientific evidence for this.

What can be confirmed, however, is that the medicinal Ashwagandha root benefits the immune system. The Ashwagandha contains antioxidants that protect our cells, which is why some users also refer to them as a fountain of youth.

Among other things, users report better digestion when taking Ashwagandha supplements. Problems with bloating and abdominal pain should also be significantly improved as a result.

Also, women pick Ashwagandha for menopause, as the plant can normalize and stabilize the hormone balance. Such symptoms as mood swings, headaches, problems falling asleep and staying asleep or the well-known hot flashes that many women over 50 have to struggle with can be alleviated by taking Ashwagandha capsules or Ashwagandha powder.

Many users rely on Ashwagandha supplements in this phase of life, which confronts many women with changes and alleviates some complaints.

During menopause, Ashwagandha can help with the following symptoms:
- hot flashes
- irritability and mood swings
- trouble sleeping
- restlessness and stress
- panic disorders
- irregular heart beat

Some users also report an increased sex drive, which is similar to the stronger libido in men. But here, too, there is a lack of reliable studies.

Ashwagandha for thyroid problems and adrenal fatigue

Patients suffering from an autoimmune disease or adrenal fatigue report surprising effects from taking the sleeping berry.

Adrenal fatigue appears, among other things, through exhaustion and tiredness, as the body is less able to deal with stress and stressful situations. According to the experience of the users, 4 grams of Ashwagandha for fatigue (spread over the day) should be helpful for problems with the adrenal glands.

The reports on Ashwagandha thyroid experiences are also surprising, as users report improved thyroid function and hormonal stabilization through the intake. An underactive thyroid, in particular, can lead to various metabolic problems, including tiredness, lack of energy and drive, fluctuating mood and often a loss of libido. The thyroid is significantly involved in metabolic functions and the release of hormones in the body.

According to the German Thyroid Center, one in three Germans now suffers a pathological change in the course of their lives, e.g. due to the size, condition or function of the organ. Hashimoto's thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease that destroys the body's thyroid tissue and can thus have massive effects on health, is particularly dangerous.

The treatment options for thyroid diseases are very individual and should always be prescribed by a specialist.

Ashwagandha supplements can stimulate thyroid hormones and thus normalize the TSH value or hormone production. Ashwagandha thyroid experiences of users are therefore positive (after consultation with doctors and depending on the type of illness). However, people who are already taking medication for hyperthyroidism or hyperthyroidism should discuss the additional intake of Ashwagandha with the treating doctor in advance, as interactions could occur. It always applies without exception to the supportive intake of Ashwagandha in autoimmune diseases since the medicinal plant could influence the effect of other medications.

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