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Raw Powders™ offers pure Micronized Creatine powder with no additives! What is Micronized Creatine? Raw Powders micronized creatine is pure, HPLC-verified creatine monohydrate. Raw Powders micronized creatine is made from the most widely used form of creatine - creatine monohydrate (CM). CM is a s..
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Raw Powders™ offers pure Creatine HCL powder with no additives! What is Creatine HCL? Creatine HCL is made from 100% Creatine Hydrochloride, which is considered to be the creatine with the highest absorption rate and solubility ratio. Creatine HCL is one of the most popular supplements for spo..
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Creatine Gluconate Powder 250 grams
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Raw Powders™ offers pure Creatine Gluconate powder with no additives! What is Creatine Gluconate? Raw Powders ™ offers pure 100% Creatine Gluconate, a relatively new form of Creatine in which Creatine is bound to a glucose molecule. Raw Powders Creatine gluconate is laboratory tested, pure (..
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Creatine (creatine) - the fitness & power supplement!

Creatine is an organic compound, primarily involved in energy metabolism, skeletal and muscle building in the human body. The substance was discovered in the 19th century and received the Greek name for meat.

It is now used not only in the food industry but also in medicine and as a dietary supplement.

Usage of Creatine:

- Creatine supplement in weight training and for muscle building.

- Creatine supplement for deficiency symptoms (e.g. age or diet).

- Creatine for better regeneration.

- Creatine as support during increased physical exertion.

- Creatine as a dietary supplement for vegan/vegetarian diets.

... and much more.

Further information on the use and all advantages of creatine can also be found in the blog: Creatine effect.

Formation of creatine:

The liver, pancreas, and kidneys produce a large portion of the creatine required by the body. The average requirement of healthy adults is 3 - 7 grams per day, with the body capable of producing one to two grams. The remaining portion should be consumed through diet, which would be difficult for vegetarians and vegans in particular, as well as anyone who does not have the time, money, leisure, or ability to cook fresh and varied food every day. Meat and fish, which are primarily animal proteins, are important natural sources of creatine. Creatine is thus an excellent supplement option.

If you decide to buy creatine and use it as a dietary supplement, the duration of usage and dosage are crucial. More on this in the blog: Creatine Dosage.

Effect of creatine supplements

Additional creatine supplements are usually unnecessary with normal physical activity, a varied non-vegan diet, and good health.

However, it is not the case with intense physical exertion (especially in strength training, bodybuilding, fitness or also certain professional areas). In these cases, the body requires more creatine than it can produce on its own. With creatine powder, you can quickly replenish your body's storage and, if necessary, train more intensely.

Even in the case of severe stress, poor health, old age, or increased performance demands in everyday life, the body's creatine stores may be insufficient.

Creatine powder and creatine supplements are especially popular with those on low-carb or vegetarian diets. Because if it is insufficient or no animal protein is consumed, an additional creatine intake is recommended to meet the requirement.

As is almost always the case, a lot doesn't help much. Excess creatine is excreted through the kidneys once creatine stores are depleted. Furthermore, improper intake can result in creatine side effects; therefore, the manufacturer's recommendations and specifications for creatine dosages should always be followed.

Buy creatine - which creatine powder is the best?

If you want to buy creatine powder, you are often faced with the next question. Because with most suppliers you can order various types and variants of creatine. Here is a brief overview of the differences and advantages of each:

Micronized Creatine Powder

- mostly very cheap

- made from 100% creatine monohydrate

- improved performance, muscle growth and better regeneration

- ideal after training

- creatine monohydrate is poorly soluble in water

> Order this creatine powder online.

Creatine HCL powder

- ideal as a pre-workout shake

- made from 100% Creatine Hydrochloride

- very good absorption and solubility

- maximum effect at lower doses than creatine monohydrate

- slightly higher priced

> Order this creatine powder online.

Creatine Gluconate Powder (Creatine and Glucose Molecule Compound)

- particularly fast absorption and effect

- particularly suitable for high-intensity training

- very good solubility in protein shakes or juice

- good combination with other protein or carbohydrate supplements

- slightly higher priced

> Order this creatine powder online.

Creatine HCL powder or the relatively new Creatine gluconate powder is easier to digest and, most importantly, more soluble. Both are recommended for creatine cycles or for those who are new to creatine use.

There are various providers on the market to order creatine online. However, one should always look for the quality and trustworthiness of the manufacturers who should offer pure creatine without any additives, fillers or impurities. It is definitely worth investing a little more for optimal quality when buying creatine.

If you want to order creatine anyway, it makes sense to take a look at other nootropics supplements and dietary supplements. Raw Powders offers a wide range of supplements for muscle building, better health, a strong immune system, improved memory and concentration and much more. More on this in the blog: the best nootropics and smart drugs.


Text author:

Kay Svegler

Communications, PR, American Studies, University of Leipzig

Journalist and freelance writer (e.g. Süddeutsche Zeitung, BILD, MDR etc.)

Former Senior PR Manager for Fischer Appelt, Sustainability and Diversity Manager for DKB

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