Extracted from the green or black tea, L-theanine is a particularly gentle energy booster as a dietary supplement. At the same time, it supports many body functions and - in contrast to caffeine - makes you calm and relaxed. In this article, you will learn more about L-theanine dosage for anxiety, sleep and L-theanine maximum dosage. Buy L-Theanine at Raw Powers and start the day full of energy!

L-theanine usage and benefits

Just like tea, L-theanine is therefore also suitable in limited quantities (and with two exceptions, more on this later) for everyone, health-promoting and particularly digestible. The areas of application and benefits of L-theanine are therefore diverse.

It is particularly popular due to its calming, relaxing but at the same time awakening effect. Theanine doesn't include the unwanted side effects of caffeine (e.g. nervousness/ high blood pressure/ sleep problems). For this reason, many users choose to buy L-theanine for the following purposes:

1. To calm down a little before exams

2. For better concentration in everyday life

3. As an energy boost in the morning or in between

4. In work areas where there is often no time for a cup of coffee or tea (e.g. doctors, paramedics, nursing staff, night shifts, catering, etc.)

And even those who do not like green tea can still enjoy its benefits in the form of dietary supplements.

Like green tea, L-theanine aids in strengthening the immune system. Various studies prove that green tea protects against cancer and tumours, improves the activity of T cells in the body. Plant substances in green tea have an antioxidant effect, i.e. they can neutralize free radicals that can damage cells.

Correct L-theanine dosage

According to general guidelines, the average dosage for the dietary supplement L-theanine is around 100 to 200mg per day. At best, it is taken once or twice a day with food. Side effects are rarely reported, especially at low L-theanine dose. You can read more about in our article about L-Thenine side effects.

The correct L-theanine dosage also depends on the respective area of application and the intended effect. And also about whether you only take pure L-theanine or in combination with caffeine. The latter should be avoided up to 5 hours before going to bed to ensure a good night's sleep. In the case of previous illnesses (e.g. high blood pressure), it is also advisable to consult a doctor, pharmacy or medical specialist about the appropriate dosage.

Firstly, according to a study by the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, people who are already taking chemotherapy drugs should consult a professional before taking L-theanine or large amounts of green tea regularly, as these could affect the effectiveness of certain drugs.

The amount of green tea should also be limited when pregnant or breastfeeding, as it also contains a small amount of caffeine. In this case, you should avoid L-theanine dose with extra caffeine.

Here is an overview of the L-theanine maximum dosage:

1. Pure L-theanine as a single dose of 200 mg each
- Increase in performance before exams or appointments: as required
- Strengthening the immune system: once a day
- L-theanine dosage for anxiety: 1 - 2x daily
- L-theanine dosage for sleep: 1 - 2 tablets before going to bed
- Cancellation of the effects of caffeine (tremors, nervousness, etc.): 1 tablet as required
- Reduction of depressive symptoms: 1x daily for approx. 8 weeks

2. Theanine with extra caffeine in a ratio of 100 to 250 mg (e.g. Raw Powers Smooth Energy Plus or Smooth Energy - 50 to 100 mg)
- Improvement of concentration and attention: 1 - 2x daily.
- Energy kick for the day 1 - 2 tablets in the morning or as required

Is L-theanine suitable for continuous daily use?

As with all nootropics, users should start with the lowest possible doses and wait for the effects, because everyone reacts individually to nootropics. Apart from that, there is nothing wrong with the long-term use of pure L-theanine tablets.

If you like to drink green tea regularly, you can also take an additional L-theanine dose without any problems.

However, if you choose the additional energy kick from the L-theanine dose, you should pay attention to a moderate dosage and possibly avoid one or the other cup of coffee.

According to Margret Morlo from the Association for Nutrition and Dietetics, the daily intake of caffeine (from food supplements, tea, coffee or other beverages containing caffeine) should not exceed about 400 mg per day (in healthy adults without previous illnesses). That would be up to 8 cups of black tea or 4 - 5 cups of coffee or the equivalent of dietary supplements.

People with previous illnesses should consult their doctor beforehand when combining L-theanine with additional caffeine. For those who do not tolerate caffeine well, pure L-theanine is recommended.

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