To calm down, to relax and also to be able to fall asleep better - the nootropic Gaba is a real miracle cure for many. It has a slightly sedative, anxiety-relieving effect and lets us simply shut down if it gets too much again.

But what are the side effects and dangers of Gaba? Does Gaba make you dependent or is Gaba harmful in the long term? We will try to provide some answers.

What are the Gaba supplement side effects?

The effect of Gaba is based on the fact that it inhibits the transmission of stimuli between nerve cells in the central nervous system. This is a natural reaction of the body to prevent over-stimulation from stimuli (which can also lead to stress and panic). We have compiled all the advantages and benefits of the nootropic Gaba for you here.

Gaba is therefore not harmful to health, after all, it is an endogenous amino acid. As with all drugs and supplements, side effects can occur in certain cases. It is particularly aggravated in the event of an overdose or the simultaneous use of other medications.

In general, users report the following Gaba side effects:

- Stomach problems
- Stomach pain
- Flatulence
- Tingling or numbness of the face
- Numbness in the legs
- Slight changes in heartbeat

Although side effects are rare when taking Gaba aminobutyric acids, they should subside after a few days. However, if Gaba side effects are very severe, you should always seek medical help or consult your doctor.

In addition, there is still a lack of reliable studies and research on the use of Gaba during pregnancy. Therefore, breastfeeding and pregnant women should not take nootropics such as Gaba.

When is it dangerous to take Gaba?

First of all, as with all drugs and food supplements: you should always stick to the recommended gaba dosage.

An overdose of Gaba can be dangerous, you can even achieve exactly the opposite effect. Instead of reassurance, an overdose of Gaba can lead to anxiety attacks, panic and inner restlessness. Insomnia, which Gaba should help with, can also be the result of a Gaba overdose.

Second, Gaba has particular addictive potential. Gaba addiction occurs more often when people take other sleeping pills or sedatives at the same time. And, especially for patients who take prescription psychotropic drugs or other Gaba-analogue drugs, Gaba can be dangerous. Since these drugs influence brain chemistry and strong interactions are possible, the simultaneous use of prescription drugs should always be discussed with a pharmacy, specialist or another medical professional in advance.

Third, Gaba should only be taken at bedtime. Since the remedy has a slightly sedative effect, is supposed to calm you down and make you sleepy, the risk of driving a car or operating machines with Gaba is of course too high. In addition, you often need the body's natural ability to react during the day - be it at work or in traffic. Mental relaxation is necessary to be able to recharge the energy reserves and simply to shut down.

And the fourth point: When buying Gaba, you should make sure to choose particularly high-quality products. Our tip: It is best to order Gaba safely via online pharmacies or special nootropics providers. At Raw Powers, you can, for example, buy Gaba online without a prescription and have it delivered directly to your home.

Gaba and alcohol - is it compatible?

The relationship between alcohol and Gaba is complex. On the one hand, their effects on the neurotransmitters in the brain are initially similar. Both substances relax, have an anxiety-relieving effect and sometimes make you sleepy. If you take both remedies separately, in moderation and depending on the situation, most people should not experience severe side effects.

Some studies are using Gaba-based drugs (such as gabapentin) in the treatment of alcoholism. The withdrawal symptoms were reduced in a test group by taking Gaba - 41% even remained abstinent from alcohol.

Nevertheless, self-medication with Gaba is by no means advisable. Gaba and alcohol both affect our neurochemistry and complex functions in the brain. The effects of alcohol and Gaba can be increased if they are taken at the same time, which can be very dangerous.

In addition, anxiety and panic disorders, addiction and sleep disorders are serious clinical pictures. Neither Gaba nor alcohol solves the actual cause, which should be clarified therapeutically and medically.

In the long term and especially in interaction with each other, the consumption of Gaba and alcohol without medical supervision is therefore not recommended.

Where can I find more information about Gaba?

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