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Raw Powders™ offers Melatonin Tablets! What is Melatonin? The major hormone that makes you feel sleepy is Melatonin. This substance is naturally made in our body, in a pineal gland of the brain if to be more specific. Melatonin levels, according to our natural behave, stay low during the daytime o..
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Go Powders™ offers Melatonin Sleep Spray! What is Melatonin Spray? Melatonin is a natural hormone, usually released at night from our pineal gland, located in the brain. Because of intense lifestyle, our sleeping cycle faces serious challenges that cause sleeping malaise such as Insomnia. Melatoni..
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Raw Powders™ offers pure Melatonin powder with no additives! What is Melatonin? The major hormone that makes you feel sleepy is Melatonin. This substance is naturally made in our body, in a pineal gland of the brain if to be more specific. Melatonin levels, according to our natural behave, stay lo..
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Melatonin supplement UK - for healthy sleep and better performance

Melatonin supplement supports the natural sleep-wake rhythm and thus increases performance. Here we will explain how melatonin products work in the body and where you can order melatonin online without a prescription.

What is melatonin?

Melatonin is one of the neurohormones. It is a natural sleep hormone that controls the sleep-wake rhythm in the human body. Our body produces melatonin in the pineal gland, where the happiness hormone serotonin is made as well.

A balanced melatonin level is crucial for restful and above all, adequate sleep. Sufficient sleep is the prerequisite for maintaining our health, our performance and our emotional well-being. If the natural melatonin production is impaired, people may face sleep disorders, which can also seriously affect the immune system.

The release of the melatonin hormone is dependent on exposure to light. It means that the melatonin level in the body increases sharply after dark in order to get us sleepy (theoretically). The melatonin level in the body is highest between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. At dawn, melatonin levels slowly decrease, thus waking us up. This production mechanism has its disadvantages, one of them is that we often feel tired and limp on rainy, cloudy winter days. Because of the darker months of the year, the body also produces more sleep hormone melatonin during the day.

What difference can melatonin supplements make?

The natural day-night rhythm, based on sunrise and sunset, no longer exists today.

Artificial light in our apartments, work in front of bright screens or the many hours in front of smartphones and television screens influence the natural production of melatonin. In addition, work shifts, night work or flights to other time zones throw the natural sleep rhythm completely off track. But also stress, an excess of alcohol, tobacco, and coffee are additional disruptive factors that can bother the sensitive melatonin balance.

The natural effect of light on our body is often disturbed, which means that adequate melatonin formation is no longer possible. Restless nights, problems falling asleep and staying asleep due to insomnia are often the result.

Melatonin supplements ensure the restoration of an appropriate melatonin level and resolve problems falling asleep or staying asleep. Furthermore, melatonin may help to cope with the following symptoms with melatonin supplements (consultation with a doctor or pharmacy is always recommended in advance):

  • Sleep disorders
  • Problems falling asleep and staying asleep
  • Regulation of the day-night rhythm (e.g. during shift work)
  • Mood swings (e.g. autumn depression)
  • Jet lag
  • Melatonin deficiency due to various underlying diseases

  • Can melatonin be found in foods?

    On the one hand, melatonin hormone is naturally produced in the human body and found in various foods such as sour cherries, pistachios, mushrooms, eggs and fish. In the long run, however, the body can hardly absorb the lacked amounts through food. Pure melatonin can be bought as a dietary supplement and taken in a targeted manner.

    Can you buy melatonin online?

    As a dietary supplement, you can buy melatonin UK in a form of spray, tablets or powder (here, at Raw Powders). The correct dosage of the melatonin products is important. For example, to shorten the time to fall asleep, a 1 mg dose should be taken.

    Can you combine melatonin products with other dietary supplements?

    Vitamins, nutrients, minerals should be frequently taken. But can you also take melatonin with those supplements? With the correct dosage, there are currently no known harmful side effects with other dietary supplement products. Read more about the best nootropics here.

    Buy melatonin and combine with all other Raw Powders supplements. You can find our products for concentration improvement, better memory, weight loss, anxiety, stress and much more at Raw Powders: Ashwagandha, Uridine, Bacopa-Brahmi, Gaba.

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