The world of nootropics at first seems very large and incomprehensible, but when you begin to dig in deeper, you may start to see the whole map of it. Despite nootropic users have diverse opinions and different favorite supplements, the majority of them agree with effect of Noopept and Phenibut.

What is Noopept? All you need to know.

Noopept is similar to Piracetam, which boosts brain performance, and other Racetam chemicals, although it cannot be classified as a Racetam due to the different chemical structure. The dosage, compared to Piracetam, is much less, but the effect seems equally powerful.

Noopept benefits: Noopept is a leading supplement for boosting your brain and cognition. This substance can be very beneficial in plenty of processes: stress and anxiety, well-being, issues with memory and focus. The key benefit of Noopept is cognitive enhancement: Noopept increases ability to learn faster and retain information, improves memory reinforcement and recovery. Previous benefits are highly important for students, who face a huge amount of information that needs to be quickly operated. Furthermore, there are some evidences when people use Noopept for depression treatment because of nootropic feature to stimulate dopamine and serotonin levels in brain. Although Noopept, as all of the nootropics, do not treat, it may have a huge impact on mental health.

Noopept benefits

Noopept side effects: Noopept lacks negative side effects compared with other nootropics, but you still have to be aware of those effects. Noopept may cause a disturbance of your blood pressure and sleeping, also in some rare cases, headache, irritability, nausea or fatigue can appear.

Noopept side effects

Noopept dosage: The benefits of Noopept appear fast – the maximum concentration of the substance in the body can be reached within 15-20 minutes after taking it. This is why it is advisable to take Noopept right before mentally demanding tasks – exam, presentation, or any other important event. The dosage depends on your body weight, so bear in mind to compare different recommendations before usage. More about the dosage you can read here.

Noopept dosage

What is Phenibut?

We already discussed Phenibut in our previous article: PHENIBUT - BENEFITS, SIDE EFFECTS, WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS AND ADDICTION. Firstly read it to learn more about Phenibut.

Signs of Noopept and Phenibut effectiveness

These two nootropics have familiar effects on our brain performance. As for the Noopept, it brings both relaxation and focus. The significance of Noopept is that it may combine concentration and calmness at the same time. So while you are doing mentally demanding tasks, your brain stays sharp without any mental discomfort. Besides, with bringing focus Noopept may increase motivation. Due to such an effect, you might work more willingly.

Noopept benefits

Phenibut as well as Noopept may provide relaxation which comes with calmness. The main difference between Noopept and Phenibut is that Noopept is used for productivity increase and Phenibut for anxiety decrease. By identifying your needs and issues, you may add one of them or both to your daily usage.

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