Maybe you have already heard a few things about so called "smart drugs", but we know that there is a plenty of information that make easy to get lost in. The more you read, the more questions appear, but we still believe that the main question above all of the others is about safety. Are nootropics safe? Are there any of them, which we could call the safest nootropics? And what are the best choice of nootropics to buy in the UK? We, as manufacturers, also are trying to deal with the same matter due to the improvement of our products and users satisfaction. So, let's try to find out.

Are Nootropics safe?

The truth is, there are a variety of different supplements that may have very diverse benefits as well as side effects. Some of them even may have serious withdrawal symptoms and can cause painful diseases. Several nootropic supplements are not even medically approved, so you have to make a deep research about its effects.

You may prevent unsafety by clearly following the dosage of certain nootropic. Start with a very minimum dosage and observe yourself. With increasing the dosage you will increase the risk of side effects too, so it's essential to not overdose or harm your health with too high portion.

The Best Nootropics UK

But some nootropics have a lower risk of some negative effects or such effects are less serious. We consider starting such a list with Omega-3, Caffeine, L-theanine and even the famous Noopept.

Omega-3 Nearly the most common and known supplement as well as mostly tried. Omega-3 supplement is a fatty acid, found in the human body and food, but also can be used as a supplement. According to the research, Omega-3 may help with coronary disfunction, maintain your blood and lower its pressure. This supplement is even able to prevent the risk of stroke. By taking Omega-3 for a longer period, you may significantly improve your health. People call this fatty acid one of the safest nootropics because of rarely appeared side effects, but still if you have an allergy to fish products, consult the doctor at first.

Nootropics UK Best

Caffeine The second, but even better known. We won't surprise you by saying that Caffeine is one of the best and safest choices to stay in focus. Caffeine is a natural stimulant, which produces an effect by activating the central nervous system. But this supplement also has several other benefits, for instance, is able to be an effective liver protector or boost your long term memory. Caffeine may prevent risk of certain diseases like stroke, skin cancer and others. Furthermore, the possibility of risky side effects is very low.

Best UK Nootropics

L-theanine L-theanine is an amino acid, primarily found in black and green tea. The effect of this nootropic substance may be described as “alert calmness” as it has a calming effect and ability to promote concentration at the same time. Due to its natural harmonizing effect, L-theanine is effective and safe to use. L-theanine is usually used to reduce stress or improve sleep quality. This nootropic not only helps to relax and fall asleep easier and faster but also improves sleep quality.

Safest Nootropics For Anxiety


If the previous three are natural supplements, we cannot call the same this one. But the main factor why Noopept is here is a lack of negative effects. The key benefit of Noopept is fastly appearing effect, what differs this supplement from the others. More about Noopept benefits, side effects and dosage you may find on the other article of our blog.

Best Nootropics UK

If you have any questions about safety, just feel free to write to us.