Roberto 23/08/2017
Excelente producto!!! Muy recomendable.
Ubay 23/08/2017
Como y cuando tomar las dosis para que haga efecto y cuanto tiempo dura y tarda en notarse ?
Carmen 09/08/2017
Estoy interesada en comprar RAW Powdersā„¢ Noopept 100 tabs. 30mg pero aparece como no disponible de momento. Se repondrĆ o ya no se comercializa?

I am interested in buying RAW Powders ā„¢ Noopept 100 tabs. 30 mg but is not currently available. Will it be replenished or no longer marketed?

RAW POWDERS: Dear Customer, we will get more in next two week ;)
Fer 22/06/2017
Lo puedo comprar para EspaƱa?

Raw Powders:
Sƭ, enviamos a espaƱa
James 06/01/2017
Great have ordered Noopept in tab and powder form, both were great, fast simple great delivery.
Jerome 01/08/2016
I've tried many, but this vendor's Noopept amazed me with its quality! Great customer service as well.
Ludo 27/04/2016
Best and highest quality Noopept I've seen so far.
Even better than russian pharmaceutical grade tablets.

Won this product during a contest on Raw Powders FB Page.
Priestage 20/04/2016
Does it's job, but not anything like modafinil. I found it mildly helpful.
Jim Sanders 12/04/2016
I ordered Noopept with a Nootropics pack. Wow, the effect really kicks in fast!