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Omega-3 200 Softgels

Key benefits
  • Helps to decrease DOMS
  • Helps to increase fat oxidation
  • Regulates cholesterol levels
  • Helps to decrease blood pressure
  • Helps to decrease the risk of coronary heart disease
GMO Free
Gliuten Free
Your Goal

Raw Powders™ offers high-quality Omega- 3 softgels!

What is Omega-3?

Omega 3 is made up of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) which has shown many benefits of fitness and health. Omega 3 is a great source of fat when dieting as is suggested to have a positive effect on increasing fat oxidation as well as HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) levels in the blood. There are many benefits of using this Omega 3 supplement. First of all, it can improve your vision. It can improve your mental health and physical health. It may prevent heart disease risks, improve immunity system. Omega 3 fatty acids also can improve bone health and joints.

Why Omega-3?

Some people say that after using Omega 3 fatty acids they felt that the pain of joints has been reduced. As a supplement it also can help improve sleep - it is associated with melatonin levels which improve and helps fall asleep better. There is some evidence suggesting that Omega 3 fatty acids help reduce inflammation and soreness as well as may be beneficial on decreasing blood pressure and coronary heart disease.


If you have a blood disorder, are taking anticoagulant medication, or are pregnant or lactating, consult a health care professional before using this product. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Store in a cool, dry place. 

Omega Fatty acids, Gelatin, Glycerin, Purified water.

The usual dosage is 1 soft-gel. Consume this supplement 1-3 times daily.

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