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At Raw Powders we offer a variety of custom wholesale options in bulk which including softgels, powders, capsules and tablets. Our approach to wholesale nutritional supplements and bulk tablet manufacturing allows us to cater for customer needs with ease. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility allows us to meet substantial global demand for both low and high volumes and also provide competitive lead times.

Customer Reviews


Very good product, fast shipping and the product itself was amazing! I wont stop ordering from Raw Powders! :)

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This product helps me to fall asleep every night as my sleeping pattern was really a mess - and when I wake, I feel rested. It is allowing me a deeper sleep, there's no rebound on this product. Kudos!

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After reading reviews and seeing good feedbacks about this Noopept I've decided to give it a try and surprisingly it gives me focus. Each day Im taking it works. The taste isnt too bad, but it has definitely the taste, I prefer this capsule rather powder. I took it with optimal choline. It does what it claimed.

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I'm having a clinical depression hence I was looking for a natural supplement rather antidepressants. I had friends recommended me the 5-HTP and it is wonderful! I took 2 daily in the morning and I already feel balanced all day. 5-HTP while on a healthy diet and good exercise plan has improved my life!

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