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5 Best Nootropics For Newbies

Choosing the right nootropics for beginners might be a very difficult task as the supply is really high. By stacking nootropics, you can get the most of different compounds, although it requires the knowledge and experience. We created the list of the most effective and safest nootropics and nootropic stacks that we recommend to try out for beginners. 


This nootropic stack has a strong positive effect on memory and focus, is easy and safe to use. L-Theanine reduces the negative effects of caffeine (e.g. irritability) and enhances its positive effects. You can try taking L-Theanine supplement with a cup of coffee, which makes this nootropics stack even more affordable. 


Even though creatine is usually described as a supplement used for fitness purposes, it actually works as an effective nootropic as well. Taking creatine will help you to reduce fatique, enhance memory and creativity. 


Noopept is one of the most effective nootropics on the market. It is known for increasing concentration, improving memory, learning capabilities and focus. Beginners, who want to experience the effects of this powerful substance, at first should try it alone and not stack it with anything.   


In order to enhance the benefits of Noopept, it could be stacked with mood enhancing supplements, such as CDP Choline. This stack could help people dealing with anxiety and bring the overall felling of well-being. 


This stack could be called an “anti-anxiety” stack. Noopept, Phenibut and L-Theanine stack helps with anxiety, boosts mood and improves overall cognitive performance. Although, be aware that with great effect comes even greater responsibility – Phenibut should be used strictly in specified dosages and only 1-2 times a week. 

All these nootropics and their stacks are great and have a proven record of effectiveness. Yet, everyone is different and these are the recommendations that MAY be useful to you. We would like to hear your stacking recommendations as well!

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