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Guest 3/4/2019 3:50 PM

I love this product! Really helped me with my insomnia. I use it before bed and wake up feeling well rested. I have now deep sleep since I used this product. Highly recommended!

Guest 3/4/2019 3:45 PM

Very good product! Will recommend this to those who wants energy.

Guest 3/4/2019 3:40 PM

This is a must in your life if you work with your brain most of the time.

Richard 2/24/2019 11:42 AM

Ok guys, just ordered phenibut to Ireland and everything worked great. I was skeptical at first but I received my product in under 24 hours ,I paid for dhl but definitely worth it, product is amazing, makes me feel very switched on mentally but also no social anxiety, makes me want to socialise, rawpowders responded quickly to all enquiries, go for it..

Aica 2/22/2019 1:08 PM

I'm taking it as a support for my brain and also for my well being. I noticed that I can function very well and I feel very healthy all day. Must try ladies and gentlemen!

Aica 2/22/2019 12:59 PM

This is really I can call a quality product. However, please be in moderate of using Phenibut. I got plenty of sleep and my anxiety gradually decreased when I start taking this. I love it!