How to boost your brain? The question that has a very short and obvious answer. Usually, nootropics are used to increase brain performance and improve the quality of its functions. Longtime users often brag about their achievements while using certain nootropics and worldwide sharing of such experience made mental health supplements so popular today.

There are almost tons of recommended supplements with various benefits and different effects for brain improvement and we know it is a hard task to choose the right one. Because of that, to the question "How to improve your brain power?", we would suggest firstly to consider a particular feature that you are willing to improve. Maybe you want to improve your memory skills? Focus and productivity? Or even the whole its interaction? After your selection, it is our turn to help you to choose the right nootropic supplement.


The list of nootropics has plenty of diverse supplements for memory improvement. Such supplements provide not only a boost of memorizing but also other benefits that might affect you positively. We will start from the most used memory enhancing nootropics that are in demand nowadays.

Brahmi: the research shows that Bacopa Monnieri or so-called Brahmi has a feature to enhance the learning process by helping to preserve information. By using Bacopa, you will memorize faster as well as a bigger amount of information than usual. Besides memory boost, Brahmi also has such benefits as a reduction of inflammation and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, this substance may even decrease stress or anxiety symptoms and lower your blood pressure.


Acetyl L-carnitine: this supplement is mostly used by elderlies to avoid memory loss. Acetyl L-carnitine even helps with Alzheimer's disease and prevents brain damage. Despite the previous benefit, this supplement has an impact on alcoholism treatment as well as enhancing your mood. Acetyl L-carnitine might help older people to fight depression. Also, as the other benefits may be mentioned a male fertility increment, nerve damage reduction or increase of testosterone.



Nootropics are also like a lifeboat for those who seek concentration. We all know that sometimes it is a tough obstacle, which aggravates the whole working process, so Raw Powders will share some nootropic tips to help you get over an attention deficit.

Noopept: the famous and beloved one. Noopept has an ability to fastly produce focus, which comes with previously mentioned memory and learning improvement. This nootropic affects your brain by bringing both memory consolidation and retrieval. With increased focus, Noopept helps to process information in a more light way. Additionally benefits might be improved vision and slight anxiety reduction.


Citicoline (CDP-Choline): another nootropic, that provides you not only with focus, but other great benefits such as memory decline and stroke reduction, vision improvement. Because of the ability to stabilize cell membrane, CDP-Choline can be used in traumatic brain injuries, dementia, Parkinson treatment.


Motivation + productivity

These two conditions cannot be separated from the previously defined focus. But together with focus, we need energy that would provide motivation and productivity while doing mentally demanding tasks. The best and safest way to invoke the energy is perfectly known Caffeine. But have you ever heard about the combination of Caffeine and L-theanine?

Caffeine + L-theanine: such combination has a hugely positive effect on both focus and memory. Since both of the components are naturally extracted and produced, it is safe to use. L-Theanine eliminates the irritability that Caffeine sometimes provokes and strengthens its positive effects.


Hope we enjoyed reading our new article about brain improvement. If you have any questions, always feel free to write to us. And now, we invite you to visit our nootropics online shop.